Mornin’ Milton: Back to 1979

Good morning!  Can you imagine the typical university student today in a debate like this?  (Well, I’ll post one of those later.)

“Is there one of you who is going to say that you don’t want a doctor to treat you for cancer unless he himself has had cancer?”

For all this talk of America’s failures, what Mr. Friedman says at the end here is right on the money.  We are still a relatively wealthy nation.  I don’t understand how so many people around me can continually scream about the failures of the free market while our country is barreling down the same road that Europe was not so long ago.  We are on the fast track to Greecedom.

If free-market capitalism is not the perfect solution, it’s only because there is no perfect solution.  The capitalism we have now is not true free-market capitalism.  If certain private businesses receive favorable treatment or bailouts from the government, the blame rests squarely on that government’s shoulders.  There’s a lot we can fix here, but let’s also realize that we are still one of the wealthiest countries in the world overall, and capitalism is to blame.


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